Solar Bus Information Terminal is

facilities of transportation which is for country side also it is provided reasonable price.

This product is economic because the solar is free to supply the system so it doesn't cost any other energy, Removing electricity devices is benefit for people who are waiting the bus at the bus stop.

* Registration of a patent: using solar energy bus guide device with low electricity system ( 10-1639647)

Process diagram


Division DHBIT 24 DHBIT 36
small(solar) small stationary Pole
Screen 2column 8row (cross section) 2column 8row (cross section) 3column 12row (cross section) 3column 12row (both sides)
Power supply - Solar panel 250W
- Boosting charge battery : 12V, 40A
- AC 220V
- SMPS 100W
- AC 220V
- SMPS 150W
- AC 220V
- SMPS 300W
LED composition - 3Color (RED, GREEN)
Main board
<Include Controller>
- OS : Android
- RAM : DDR2 2GB, Flash Memory 4GB
- Sensor of temperature and humidity, of temperature and humidity door open
- I/O Port : Serial 2port, USB 2port
- Starting the system : 60sec
Protection - Guide a housing, fan( inlet air filter, exhaust fan), tempered glass(5mm)
Signal equipment - Possibilities using lease line and own line open a combined wire-wireless service
Etc. - Controller LED light

※ If light or modem connects with the power it needs more batteries.

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